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Dive Log

Sunday, March 14, 2010

4:36 pm

Packing for Barbados!  Man, I can’t wait to get there.  I have no idea what kind of crazy stuff we’re going to see there.  The water’s going to be so clear, we can see it all, too!  If it’s there, we’ll be able to see it!  Even Eddie’s Speedo.  I want to see the coral reefs.  I hear they have hard and soft corals.  What a rush to kiss an eel!  The sparks will fly!  Most of all, I want to ride a turtle – eee-hah!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

9:30 am

Harbor porpoise!  There were harbor porpoise near the boat.  We followed them for a while before we did the dive.  Ran into – and caught – a lobster right away.  Then I found a sweet little sea star and gave it a smooch!  Also found a mini bloodstar.  Managed to spot a tiny little toad crab hiding in the kelp, got him int he bag!  Victory!  Found a Jonah crab.  He was totalyl holding on to a piece of sea weed.  Weird.    Then, aw man, we got to see a sea tart totally in the middle of eating a barnacle!  Its stomach was all extended and everything.  Found a brittle star – they are wicked fast!  It must be “hide under the kelp” day becasue we found lobster that way too.  That lobster put up a fight!  It attacked Diver Ed’s face mask, then started smashing me all up.  Whew!  The sea cucumber we found as we were heading back to the boat made everything complete.  Great dive.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9:30 am

Chilly start today!  If I had breath, I’d be able to see it.  Loads of critters.  Sea cucumbers, crabs, lobsters!  Everyone is out this morning!  Starfish having breakfast, cool.  Managed to smooch another sea star (I love smooching sea stars).  Apparently, I am not the only one who  loves smooching critters.  Found a boy and a girl crab keeping company!  Found a bloodstar -they are so cool – and then found a lobster,only, it really found me.  The lobster totally grabbed me adn started tossing me all around!  Diver Ed had to leap in and save me.  I got a bit beat up, but he survived.  Then a Jonah crab got him.  I had to save his hide that time.  Coolest of all… we saw a SKATE!

1:30 pm – Ranger trip

Cool dive!  Saw a horse mussel with barnacles and sea stars and a sea peach!  Saw a fig sponge (mmm), sea stars, sea cucumber, sand dollars, a sea scallop, a rock crab, lobster, a surf clam, slipper shell and whelk eggs.  It’s so cool how so many things down here are related in bizzar-o ways.  Nature is awesome.

Monday, August 3, 2009

5:00 pm

What a crazy dive!  Right away – bam – there’s a sea cucumber, just waiting for us.  Then we saw Boreal shrimp, a little, tiny bloodstar, another sea cucumber, a baby scallop, more shrimp, a 4-armed sea star, a 6- armed sea star (!), and we even spotted a sculpin!  There was a big, mean lobster that came out to fight, but I totally chased it away!  Then, wouldn’t you know it, Diver Ed went in after it and dragged it back out.  Sheesh.  Found a great little rock crab – kissed it.  After I kissed it, it launched out and pinched Diver Ed!  Ha!

8:00 pm

Rare, night time dive.  Woo Hoo!  Man, there were cool critters everywhere!  I got to kiss a sand dollar (fuzzy!), tried to kiss a hermit crab too but it got away.  Found another hermit crab, another sculpin, a sea slug, a 4 armed sea star, a sea star having dinner, horse mussels, sea cucumbers, some weird little shrimp, lobsters, toad crab, and two – count ‘em, two – rock crabs with eggs!  Coolest of all though were the jellies!  They totally glowed on the screen.  It was awesome.

Friday, July 31, 2009

9:30 am

The morning dive was awesome!  Diver Ed & Captain Evil anchored the Starfish Enterprise off Burnt Porcupine & Rum Key in 38 ft. of water.  This is where a lot of old schooners used to anchor.  Cool.  You can tell that the schooners used to anchor here because of all the really old bottles at the bottom.  On one of the old bottles, I found a sea star!  It was totally wrapped around the bottle, but I managed to sneak in a smooch.  I love smooching sea stars.  Later, I found a sea cucumber & kissed it too.  Captain Evil was joking that I kissed the wrong end, but that it is so not true.  I really wanted to find a lobster, but this trip was all about sea stars and sea cucumbers.  I even saw a sea cucumber feeding, which is, like, totally rare for this time of year.  I found some sea urchins and scallops (they are so cute with the eyes all around!) and then there was this totally awesome little crab!  Diver Ed came in to check him out and he totally freaked.  He put up quite a fight, but we finally got him in the bag so everyone could meet him.


Yeah!  Breezy the Bilge Rat is back on Board!  Man, I love having her around.  She comes up every Summer.  The fun started right away: Diver Ed was getting the camera going and got a super close up of a sea cucumber’s rear end!  Hahahaha!  Then some mice-head shrimp went right across the screen.  Cool!  Found a sea cucumber: kissed it.  Found a 4-armed northern sea star: kissed it.  Went looking for animals on a rock, no lobster but found a wicked pretty bloodstar.  Found a shrimp, a barnacle eating (they are so dainty!) and a toad crab hidden in the kelp.  Then there was this totally amazing urchin and we got to see the tube feet AND the mouth!  Then we saw a sea cucumber… pooping!  Finally found a lobster – and it totally attacked Diver Ed!  I went in after him, and the lobster turned on me.  It was a battle, man.  Just when I was feeling safe, I got sucked in by a feeding sea cucumber!  Diver Ed came to my rescue though.  The action continued back on board where another lobster attacked me!  Madness.  What a trip!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


No morning dive today, but the afternoon trip was awesome.  I came across this really great sea cucumber… and I totally kissed it.  I just could not resist.  It was so beautiful, and slimy and everything.  The crazy thing was – underneath the sea cucumber was this totally cool toad crab.  The crab had this entire pile of kelp – and he’d eat some of it, then pick some up and place some on his back for decoration.  It was great.

Diver Ed had a great find too – a clutch of really old bottles.  I mean really, really old.  These are hand made bottles and he managed to find three different kinds that show how bottles started out and changed.  The first one is called a “bullet bottle” and is probably 150 to 200 years old.  Rockin’.  The next one was a round bottom bottle, and then a “bowling pin” bottle – these were the early flat bottom bottles.  So, litter is bad – but sometimes old litter can be cool.  These all came off of ships in the bay – and they all had their corks still in ‘em.  It’s probably sea water in there now, but once there would have been ginger ale to cure seasickness.  Pretty cool.


Dove by the breakwater today, swam out to deep water.

What is it with the crabs today?  I got grabbed again!  And this time, when Eddie came to get me, the crab grabbed him too!  We sort of had to save each other and it was gnarly.  There was all sorts of fighting with that crab.  Loads of critters out there in the bay – and then we motored home in the sunset.  So beautiful!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

9:30 am

Great day for diving!  Diver Eddie and I were determined to haul up a lobster today – and we did!  Man, that was a battle.  We had to chase that lobster for a long while, then it was quite a struggle to get it into the bag.  Whew!

We also found a sea scallop, a shrimp, a hermit crab with a broken shell that let us see right in at his curled tail (cool!) and many other creatures of the sea.

I followed a crazy hunch today and started digging in what looked like plain ol’ muck.  Lo’ and behold – buried treasure!  Sand dollars everywhere!  This is doubly cool since a little while back, we just didn’t find them anymore as htey had been over harvested.  Really neat to see them coming back.

Topside, everyone had a great time and a cool little dude got to kiss his very first crab!

I’m off now to rest up and get ready for the 1:30 Park Ranger trip.


What an amazing trip!  I saw stuff on this dive I haven’t seen in years!  Years!  I caught my very own baby blood star, met a Stimpson’s Whelk (totally rare!) and then I even got to play with an Alligator Fish – a relative of the sea horse.  Totally cool.


Whoa, another great trip!   There was lots of cool stuff, but my favorite part was the crazy Rock Crab.  He was just hangin’ there, and I sort of jumped – and then he jumped, and hten there we were, sort of rockin’ out together and dancin’.   It was so cool and I was having a great time… right until the little dude grabbed me and ran off!  Not cool.  Lucky for me, my dive buddy was right there and hauled me back to safety.  Wow, what a trip.

Monday, July 20, 2009

9:30 am

What an amazing trip!  First of all, I am totally loving the new boat.  It has, like, so much more room and it’s really stable.  Wicked fun too.  But anyway, like I was saying, the 9:30 trip was awesome.  Great group of kids out, adults too.  The dive itself was super.  Eddie and I met a great bunch of crabs!  We hung with ‘em, played with ‘em and then we started to round them  up so everyone else could meet them too.  Ha!  That’s when things got interesting.  The first two were no big deal, they were happy to get in the bag and go on a little adventure, but crab #3, I call him Harry, he did not.  He put up a wicked fight!  I’m already on body #101, so I was a little worried about losing a part, but it was all good.

We found a bunch os super teeny Nudibranchs and brought them up for everyone to meet, and then we found a super cute toad crab too!  The one part of the trip that was kinda… “off”… was when I got a little carried away and kissed the exposed stomach of a sea star.  Ugh.  Do not do that.  Gross.

All in all, a great way to start the day!

1:30 pm

What a rush!  Diver Ed got into a wicked tangle with a nasty lobster, but I was able to jump in and save him – as all good dive buddies do.  I got seriously pinched up a bit, but not cracked.

I had a scary encounter with a sea cucumber – they should really label those things so you know which end is which.  That’s all I’m saying.

The real zing of the day came though when I found – and kissed – a furled sea anemone.  ZANG!  Stingers galore.  Woo!

End of the dive, though, everyone was fine.  I’m going to take a nap and get ready for the 5:30 trip.

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