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Article on Diver Ed

Check out poor Mini Ed #115 and his tangle with a crab!


Diver Ed is Gearing Up!



“… probably never be able to eat a lobster (or any sea food) again without a play by play from my two daughters…  As a science teacher, it was great!”  -Rod Wakeham

“…the tour was wonderful, and almost 3 weeks later my kids are all still talking about it!” –Julie Hallett, Boston, MA

“… it was one of the highlights of our trip. Our son has told everyone how he kissed a jonah crab, a sea urchin, and a sea cucumber! We can’t wait to see our pictures! Keep up the good work!” – Randy Sobel, Toledo, Ohio

“…please accept my thanks for an experience that has been recounted to more relatives & friends by our boys than any other experience from our New England trip…I’ve heard of other such trips that friends have done in other places, but none of them had a Diver Ed with a GREAT sense of humor! The experience made the sea creatures truly memorable, real, & part of the boys’ world by learning about them & touching them. We all need to keep working on making all learning that much fun & that real. Bravo!” –Nancy Harms, Winona ,MN

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