Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theater

r/v Starfish Enterprise - Dive-in Theater with Diver Ed, Bar Harbor, Maine
To Explore the Underwater World of Frenchman Bay;
To Kiss Creatures Which Have Never Been Kissed;
To Bring the Wonder of the Underwater To You…
This is the Mission of the Starfish Enterprise.

Come aboard the r/v Starfish Enterprise for the Aquatic Interaction of your lifetime!

It starts with a scenic boat trip out into the heart of Frenchman Bay; past birds, seals and the occasional whale, to a spot teeming with critters. After dropping anchor, Diver Ed & “Mini Ed” drop over as well and dive down to the floor of the bay.

Dive-In Theater with Diver Ed, Bar Harbor, Maine

Specially equipped video equipment allows you to see all the action in real time as it transmits back to a giant screen aboard the boat where the ironically named Captain Evil explains who’s who and what’s what in that alien environment. Diver Ed can fill you in on the action too – his specially equipped dive mask allows him to communicate directly with the boat!

“Mini Ed” helps put everything into proportion. A daring explorer, he just can’t help but wrangle with the lobsters and woo the sea stars. Each adventure is more hair raising than the last & you’ll be amazed at the situations he gets into!

At the end of the dive, Ed & Mini Ed return to the boat – and so do the creatures! Touch tanks allow you to observe, handle – and sometimes even kiss – these strange and mysterious beings before they are returned safely to the sea. You will be amazed at the colors, the textures and the variety of animal life beneath the waves.

It is an amazing journey into the alien world in our own backyard. Come explore!

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Trip lasts approximately 2 hours, pack warm clothing!

Twice a week, an Acadia National Park Ranger joins the trip – ask us for details!

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